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WARNING! A huge battleship "Heat Arrow" is approached fast.
Super Darius II announcer

Heat Arrow is a boss from Super Darius II. It is shaped after a ocean sunfish (Mola mola).


Heat Arrow only has two attacks: it spits a star-shaped projectile which splits into a large bullet spread and fires three laser beams forward. After doing a few attacks it will move to the opposite side of the screen and resume its pattern. When it is low on health it will replace the three laser beams with one large continuous beam. Its weakpoint is on its mouth.


  • If you play on an emulator, the game glitches when the warning appears, first the background turns black by swiping down, the word "WARNING!" then the name and information appears, then corrupted Heat Arrow's sprites will appear and disappear, the player becomes invisible but if you move it it will become visible again and the player's attacks will be invisible which makes the battle difficult. To avoid this glitch pause the game, wait for the background music to finish completely and unpause to continue.


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