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WARNING! A huge battleship -Hard Mollusk- is approaching fast.
Super Darius announcer

Hard Mollusk (Japanese: ハードマウルスク, Hepburn: Hādomaurusuku?) [Japanese name: rigid soft body] is a boss introduced in Super Darius. It is shaped after a Portuguese man o' war (Physalia physalis).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Hard Mollusk
  • Motif: Portuguese Man o' War
  • Type: Base-defense battleship
  • Size: 96.32 m / 306.2 feet
  • Zone: K (Submarine Base)
  • Weapon: All-range laser cannon (head), Etc.

Battleship with a tentacular attack unit. The tentacle unit plays a role as an anchor hook. However, the durability of the tentacle unit itself is not so high.


Hard Mollusk has a large body, which can make the battle quite difficult. It will attack by firing lasers from its head while shooting bullet arcs and anchor drones from the tentacles. The player must destroy the tentacles first to damage the boss, but that will also reduce its firepower considerably, making the fight easier.


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  • Despite its name, Hard Mollusk is not a mollusc, but rather a hydrozoan. Its name is a misnomer.
  • The Boss itself appears as a cameo in Darius II Zone X's ending as the foreshadow of another invasion of Belsar.