Great Thing (グレートシング) is a recurring boss in the Darius series. It first appeared as one of the final bosses in the original game, later showing up in almost all games in the series usually as one of the final bosses. it is shaped after a sperm whale.


Taken from the on Darius Burst

A flagship shaped like a sperm whale. The enemy troops and lesser command ships need an overarching command ship to act as the forces' core. This ship is not just the typical main command ship, but also one of the best of the Thiima-derivation vessels in combat by itself. Its extraordinarily high combat level did not drop at all when the Belser Army appropriated the Thiima technology for themselves. Earlier human vessels may have been impelled to upgrade their systems just by knowing about Great Thing. Fortunately, this vessel usually reserves the crest of its weaponry for high-threat situations. The signature weapon of Great Thing is a set of drill-like missiles fired from the bow, using antimatter warheads that can emit pulses like standard ordnance when destroyed prematurely.

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio


  • Name: Great Thing
  • Motif: Sperm Whale
  • Type: Large Battle Command Battleship
  • Size: 387.7 feet
  • Zone: Z (Submarine Base)
  • Weapon: Drill bullet, Etc.

It was rebuilt based on the head unit recovered from the Thiima army's debris, Belsar's main ship. however, restoration is not perfect, and functions such as the β beam cannon were not installed.

Darius Gaiden

  • Name: Great Thing
  • Motif: Sperm Whale
  • Type: Large Battle Command Ship
  • Size: 401.7 feet
  • Zone: Z' (Mechanical Cave)
  • Weapon: Drill bullet, etc.

A Belar army battle command ship that occupies planet Darius. Restored based on Thiima's information, armor and weapons are not inferior to the original.


Darius & Super Darius

The worst part about Great Thing is that he always throws everything he's got at you. First of all he fires his front cannons and launches anchor drones from his head. Then, he fires his big laser cannon and a explosive whale from his mouth which explodes into a three-bullet arc aimed at you. He then cuts loose with all his anchor drones (from the top AND bottom), and may or may not fire a drill missile from his forehead. A good place to be is roughly in line with the mouth so that you can blow up the explosive whale as soon as it surfaces.

Super Darius II

This version is pretty much the same as the original. The main difference is that you can shoot at him on any part of its body, except his mouth.

Sagaia (Gameboy)

This version is the last boss of Game Boy's Sagaia. On Darius and Super Darius, you can shoot at any part of his body in order to disarm him. On this game is the same, but it will be more complicated due to his homing missiles and the drill-like rockets launched from his mouth.

It behaves pretty much like Hyper Great Thing, going around the screen and using its signature drill missile followed by 2 missiles from its underbelly (sometimes three missiles), laser shots and bullets from its cannons and a three bullet arc from cannons near the tail. However after destroying its front cannons, it will stop circling the screen and start to behave more like the original great thing, launching the drill attack and the missiles, plus a new bullet arc, all at once.

Darius Gaiden

Great Thing appears as the boss of Zone Z'. After destroying the multiplying orbs, Great Thing will burst out from the destroyed city below. It will immediately begin the battle by spitting fish drones from his mouth. If they aren't destroyed the will attack the player with lasers. His next attack is to shoot twin lasers aimed at the player from one of his back turrets while sending anchor drones. It will then stop and use a spiraling laser following the player's movement which is very tough to dodge (your best bet is to move along the screen corners). After dropping a bomb below which scatters debris, he will begin to shoot the drill missiles from the bow, which explode into large bullets when destroyed. He will then shoot an arc of bullets from his arms them move to the left and shoot blue bullets from his backmost turret, all while shooting the yellow bullets which stop mid-flight to change trajectory.

After all of his guns are destroyed, Great Thing will move to the left and shoot a barrage of yellow homing beams, followed by the bullets in an arc and the drill missiles. After taking enough damage he will start following the player's movement all while shooting a barrage of rockets.


G-Darius has two variants of Great Thing, known as G.T. in this game. Great Thing is the final boss of Zone Omicron, and one of the potential final bosses.

Both versions of Great Thing will start the fight by flying above the player, turning around to face and roar at him/her.

Great Thing starts the fight by facing the player, firing a 7-way spread of yellow bullets, and will open its mouth to launch shark-like ships that fire beams from their bows. Once it closes its mouth, it will fire its homing arrow drones and upper cannons, which fire turning beam projectiles. After that, Great Thing will aim its starboard side at the player, firing both its arrow drones, and bursts of two depth charge-like explosives. It will later move down, and fire beams from one of its upper cannons, firing both a long beam and a short turning beam.

Great Thing will once again face the player, firing drill bullets from its head and arrow drones from its mouth. It will later fly above the player, firing a tracking flashing beam from the coils in its belly. It will keep firing tracking flashing beams from its tail and a projectile burst from a turret on top of it. After this, Great Thing will repeat the pattern, but in the opposite direction. Its drill bullet phase, it will fire a spinning flashing projectile that also tracks, and unleash prism-shaped enemies from its mouth.

Once Great Thing is on its last fins, it changes its pattern, firing drill bullets and a spray of blue projectiles at the same time as the 7-way spread of yellow bullets. It will later turn around and fire depth charges from its belly, along with the tracking flashing projectiles. Once it faces the player again, it will unleash everything it has, firing all kinds of projectiles, including the shark drones, beige octahedrons, rainbow spinning projectiles, and finishing its barrage with two Beta Beams.

Great Thing's variant, Great Thing Violet, is faced on Area V' instead of Area U'. Its weapons fire faster, and it's much more heavily armed. Its pattern is also highly dangerous, as it can spin and fire all of its front weapons, and after that it will fly away from the player and fire all of its turrets at them.

Both variants of Great Thing's turrets can be destroyed, but they regenerate after a few seconds.


Great Thing is huge. Just past of his face covers nearly half the screen, and if you were to try to fit all of him on the screen, it would not be possible.

When Great Thing enters the screen, it will be facing the player and begin using its main attack pattern, which will be repeated in parts of the fight. This consists of a pair of 3-way aimed spreads of red bullets and multiple homing arrow drones. After a while, it will move downwards until its top half is completely visible, and start firing 4 purple homing lasers out its top while one set of cannons fires twin orange beams. Midway through this pattern, the side horn will fire a non-Burst purple laser, then continue.

Next, Great Thing pulls back and reappears facing the screen, with its right flank facing the player. 3 top cannons will flip down. The first and third fire pairs of orange lasers, while the centre one fires bursts of 3 pairs of cube shots which turn into aimed grey shots when destroyed. Simultaneously, purple homing lasers will come out of Great Thing's top and the horn will fire 5 arrow drones every couple seconds. After a while, the boss will tilt downwards and charge a non-Burst purple laser which fires upwards, then continue with this pattern.

When Great Thing reappears, it will stay for a while, then pull off into the background, leaving 3 of its minions in a vertical column and a spread of yellow orbs downwards. Each minion attacks in this manner:

  • Fires 4 way spreads of red bullets
  • Fires a purple homing laser that homes in 3 times
  • Fires a straight line of yellow bullets
  • Fires a Burst beam that lasts barely half a second
  • Teleports away

When Great Thing returns, it will resume its regular attack pattern, then pull off into the background, letting its entire left flank face you. These cannons will fire orange lasers and cube shots. After a while, the three cannons on its tail will charge and fire three non-Burst purple beams which sweep the left and top half of the screen. Midway through the beams, the minions will be summoned again, and Great Thing will leave.

When it returns, it will start its regular attack pattern again, but with a twist - the drill missiles are back! This time, they do not explode into small shots when destroyed, but instead leave behind a small, damaging explosion. However, not destroying them creates a large, long lasting explosion when they detonate. Use your Burst beam to handle these missiles before they eat your onscreen real estate.

After this, Great Thing returns, but with its top facing the screen. The two horns will continue spamming arrow drones, while the two side cannons send out pairs of orange lasers. however, the greatest threat is from the pink homing lasers, which are fired up and down alternately before they home in to you.

Finally, Great Thing fires purple lasers from its two horns to trap you. Next, it will do the exact same thing, but with one critical difference - the central cannon has popped up and is charging with red energy! By this time, you should know what to do if you can do it - pull out your Burst Beam and counter.

This should put Great Thing out of its misery, rewarding you with an ending for all your hard work.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle/Chronicle Saviours

There are three variants of Great Thing: the regular Great Thing, G.T.V (Violet) and G.T.B (Black). G.T.V was introduced in Unlock A, and G.T.B was introduced in Unlock B. Compared to Great Thing from the original Dariusburst and Second Prologue, G.T. and its variants all have an additional spread of 10 red bullets during their main attack pattern, fired from the side "horn". When either of the two variants faces its right flank to the player ship, the horn also fires pink curving homing lasers. In addition, the orange lasers during the main attack pattern have been replaced by dark blue 90º homing lasers that will track twice. Finally, the two variants have significantly more health than their original counterpart, enough that the boss fights against these two can last up to seven minutes with one player.

Great Thing

The original Great Thing plays much like its Dariusburst counterpart, except for the minor alterations to the attack pattern, also carried on to its variants. In addition, its health has become high enough that the rest of its attack pattern now poses a significant threat.

After Bursting, Great Thing flips so that it is upside down and facing the left. The horn now fires pairs of pink curvy homing lasers and sets of 6 arrow drones. When the drones stop firing, Great Thing will fire another purple laser straight across the screen, then another one sweeping from top to bottom in an arc. This is followed by 2 sets of purple homing lasers and one drill missile. Great Thing then shoots one more laser sweeping from bottom to top in an arc, again followed by 2 sets of purple homing lasers and one drill missile. Finally, all other attacks will stop, and Great Thing fires one last laser sweeping from top to bottom in an arc.

Great Thing will then continue with the pink homing lasers and drones, then pull away to the right while firing three drill missiles. Ignore the last two - they don't pose a threat even if they explode.

When Great Thing reappears again, it will move down to expose its top, whose turrets unload all their orange lasers, cube shots and purple homing lasers at you, then moves downwards to leave its minions, this time in a horizontal line.

After a while, Great Thing will come back facing the right. All top-mounted turrets continue unloading their respective shots, while the three rear turrets will fire purple non-Burst lasers at an angle in sequence, then sweep them downwards. Great Thing will be slowly moving further to the right during this phase, so watch out!

Great Thing will then expose its six-segmented underbelly, which fires a HUMONGOUS amount of yellow lasers. If your ship can Burst, use it now to protect yourself from the bullet hell which awaits. Finally, the tail will fire two purple multi-homing lasers before the attack pattern repeats from the start.


Most of G.T.V's attack pattern is similar to that of the original Great Thing's, albeit with more/faster bullets. However, there are a couple of significant differences that deserve significant attention.

At first, G.T.V will enter the main attack pattern, but slower yellow bullets are also fired whenever the three-way aimed bursts are fired, clogging up the screen quickly. The boss will also not hesitate in using its drill missiles - they start from the beginning of the fight as soon as the purple homing lasers are fired. The purple laser that comes from the horn is also conspicuously missing.

After this, G.T.V will move backwards, then charge back forwards, leaving its top half exposed. All front-facing turrets will now unload blue laser spam to the right, while turrets at 45 degrees will fire cube shots. The horn will still continue with its arrow drones. In terms of lasers, the side-mounted double turret will first fire a dual purple laser that sweeps the bottom of the screen. Next, the top two large front turrets will pop up and fire two Burst Beams that sweep from horizontal to 45 degrees and back. Great Thing and G.T.B also have this attack pattern, but do not use it until after he begins to repeat his attack patterns (although normally you wouldnt be fighting for this long).

G.T.V will now face its right flank to the player ship. The attack pattern is nearly the same, except that the orange lasers have been replaced by faster firing red and blue lasers.

G.T.V follows up with its main attack pattern, sans drill missiles. After this, it will leave its bottom half facing the player, deploy minions (which are exactly the same as Great Thing's) while a chin-mounted turret pops up and fires a Burst beam from horizontal to 45 degrees downwards. As usual, counter to destroy the minions and get some damage on G.T.V. Again, Great Thing and G.T.B also have this attack pattern, but do not use it until after beginning to repeat the attack patterns (although normally you wouldn't be fighting the original for this long).

G.T.V will return again facing the left, then roll away into the background, leaving its minions again. As expected, it returns to do its regular attack pattern again, then pulls away into the background to expose its entire left flank. All the orange lasers have been replaced by bursts of blue lasers and the tail laser beams are a little thicker, but this should not be a significant problem. As the boss leaves, the minions will return in a horizontal line.

When the boss returns, it will perform the first two attack patterns that it did in the fight (the regular attack pattern, followed by blue laser spam + dual purple beams + dual Burst laser). After this, it will flip so that its top faces the screen. The first half of this pattern (before the horns fire lasers) is the same as that of Great Thing. You may have noticed that the horns have not fired lasers at all through this half of the attack pattern. They have been upgraded to thick green beams that LEAVE A MASSIVE NUCLEAR EXPLOSION NEAR THEIR ENDS. Stay close to G.T.V for your safety during this attack and when the Burst Beam is added.

The rest of the attack pattern is exactly the same as that of Great Thing's, apart from the upgraded horn lasers.


G.T.B (Great Thing Black) is almost the same as G.T.V, except with the pattern following the normal Great Thing but having added homing and otherwise faster bullets, a new theme song in "finale" and the horn lasers leave four of those HUGE nuclear explosions when they are fired, making the attack patterns featuring them a major pain to dodge. However, if you are familiar with defeating G.T.V, then G.T.B should be a challenge, but not an impossible one. He is quite possibly the hardest Darius boss now with G.T.V. just behind him.


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