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WARNING!! A huge battleship -Golden Ogre- is approaching fast.
Darius Gaiden announcer

Golden Ogre (Japanese: ゴールデンオーガ, Hepburn: Gōruden'ōga?) [Japanese name: Golden Cannibal] is the first boss from Darius Gaiden. It is shaped after a fangtooth (Anoplogaster).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Golden Ogre
  • Motif: Fangtooth
  • Type: General purpose surprise attack ship
  • Size: 88.27 m / 289.6 ft
  • Zone: A (City)
  • Weapon: Focused particle gun (mouth), Etc.

Belsar's troops who raided planet Vadis and caused the destruction of the transport fleet. In addition to striking with its anchor-like tail, it has a method of attack consisting of peeling off its surface armor and scattering it around.


Golden Ogre makes an impressive entrance, smashing a building in the background with his tail and then immediately starting his attack. Despite this, he is a very easy boss, given that he's the first one in the game. He will attack by scattering destructible scales, then fire a huge laser beam from his mouth, whip his tail creating a wind gust which pushes the player back then fire various bullets. He will do all these attacks in order then repeat. All of his attacks are easy to avoid and it is possible to destroy him before he has the chance to use all of them. His mouth is his weak point.


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