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WARNING! A huge battleship "Galst Vic" is approaching fast.
Darius Force announcer

Galst Vic (Japanese: ガルスト ヴィック, Hepburn: Garusuto vu~ikku?) is one of the final bosses from Darius Force, appearing in Zone O.


Galst Vic is fought in two phases. In the first part of the fight it appears as a humanoid robot torso and head attached to a large machine. It attacks by launching a series of fireballs and shooting a lightning bolt from its hand. Once its arm is destroyed it will shoot a small laser from its eyes. Destructible turrets will appear constantly during this phase.

Once it is destroyed the stage will begin to explode and the screen will begin scrolling fast, forcing the player to maneuver through the terrain to escape. Once the player escapes the second phase begins, as the boss's head starts chasing the player. It can grow and shrink at will, shooting a laser which divides and spreads in in eight directions and a bullet spread in the player's direction.


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