G-Darius is a game released for the arcades in 1997. It is the sixth game in the Darius Series, and a prequel to the original Darius game; making it the first game in the series canon.


Taken from the game's prologue:

"Within the vastness of this great universe, a fierce battle was fought.

And resulted in the death of a planet.

This prompted various evolving life forms which had been under long hibernation to emerge one after another.

They began their quest to overtake the entire universe.

The Amnelia Royal Cosmic Force challenged these unknown intruders, but unfortunatetly suffered a miserable defeat.

However, they did manage to complete a unique and sophisticated fighter craft using the forbidden enemy power and technology.

They named it "Silver Hawk".

At present, the main thrust of the enemy fleet is near at hand. And we are on the verge of the fierce fight to control the universe and decide the fate of the human race.

You will see the creation of new lives."

Levels and Bosses


G-Darius zone map

All info on Captains taken from G.Darius FAQ by Zach Keene

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Planet Amnelia Zone Alpha: Green Globe First Captain Eclipse Eye
Moon Mahsah Zone Beta: Giant Plant none Tripod Sardine
  Zone Gamma: Gigantic Ship Queen's Child Queen Fossil
Osu-Rakia Passage Zone Delta: Granulated Star Reverse Direction Dual Horn
  Zone Epsilon: Galaxy Islands Reverse Direction Dimension Diver
  Zone Zeta: Gravity Zero Reverse Direction Absolute Defender
Planet Mabaher Zone Eta: Glowing Cave Gray Stripe Fire Fossil
  Zone Theta: Gallery Gray Stripe Death Wings
  Zone Iota: Glacier Tail Blade Eight Feet Umbrella
  Zone Kappa: Garden of Sky Tail Blade Eternal Triangle
Darius Star System Zone Lambda: Grand Cliff Un Guardian Lightning Coronatus
  Zone Mu: Great Fortress I Hard Armament Heavy Arms Shell
  Zone Nu: Genesis Dream Tender The Embryon
  Zone Xi: Great Fortress II Hard Armament Accordion Hazard
  Zone Omicron: Grave of Culture Un Guardian G.T.


A second version of the game was released in the arcades in 1999, with the following changes:

  • Increased difficulty.
  • Default play cost is increased to 2 coins per credit from 1 coin per credit.
  • Added beginner mode. In beginner mode, the game ends after completing only 3 zones.
  • Standard auto-fire button.
  • When using a Capture Ball, the player is no longer invulnerable.
  • With the super shield, the player is vulnerable to obstacles. With the hyper shield, the player can take a single hit from obstacles.
  • All stages include mid-bosses.
  • Boss battles include a timer (3 minutes for normal bosses, 7 minutes for the final boss). 10000 bonus points are added for each remaining second after destroying the boss.
  • The high score table records high scores for each zone.
  • After continuing, the player is given one of each Missile, Bomb, Arm and Capture Ball powerups instead of a single item that provides the first three.


G-Darius was ported to the Sony PlayStation in 1998, and to the PC in 2001. In addition to the original game (labeled as "Arcade" mode), these versions also included a "Beginner" mode, "VS-BOSS" mode, autofire and an option screen where the player could view cutscenes from the game.

The game was also included in the PlayStation 2 version of Taito Legends 2, released in 2006. It was a direct port of the original arcade version and thus did not include any of the changes from the other ports, nor Ver.2, however the Taito Legends 2 port has loading screens in a similar way to the PlayStation port.


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