Fire Star is a boss introduced in Super Darius. It is shaped after a Blue Seastar (Linckia laevigata).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio

  • Name: Fire Star
  • Motif: Starfish
  • Type: Main control Battleship
  • Size: 74.88 m / 245.7 ft
  • Zone: R (Submarine Base)
  • Weapon: Diffusion particle gun (abdomen), Etc.

Battleship with the same five-pointed star form as the starfish. In addition to its diffusion particle gun in the abdomen, laser guns are also attached to the tip portion of the five tentacles respectively.


Fire Star is a tough boss, despite it's simple pattern. Each of it's five tentacles will be constantly firing homing fireballs, while the center releases star-shaped homing drones. The tentacles can be destroyed, leaving only the star drones to be dealt with, which can be destroyed but they leave their center which immediately moves forward.


Fire Star is one of the three possible final bosses in Darius-R, appearing in Zones "K" and "O".


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