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WARNING! A huge battle ship -Fire Fossil- is approaching fast.
G-Darius announcer

Fire Fossil (Japanese: ファイヤーフォスル, Hepburn: Faiyāfosuru?) [Japanese name: Burning Fossil] is the boss of zone Eta from G-Darius. It is shaped after a Coelacanth (Coelacanthiformes).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Fire Fossil
  • Motif: Coelacanth
  • Type: Extra-Large Class Battleship
  • Size: 266.63 m / 874.8 ft
  • Zone: η (Glowing Gave)
  • Weapon: Giant flamethrower gun, etc.

Although it is the same type as Queen Fossil, its armament has been significantly improved and its firepower has increased. The entire body is equipped with giant flame-emitting guns, boasting tremendous attack power in combat in the atmosphere.


Fire Fossil's attacking patterns are pretty much identical to Queen Fossil. The main difference is that Fire Fossil is much tougher and much more aggressive than Queen Fossil, often firing a lot more bullets and much ticker patterns. Fire Fossil also replaces most of the laser weapons with flamethrowers, which cover more of the screen and are generally harder to dodge.


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