Eclipse Eye is the first boss in G-Darius. It is shaped after a Broadmouth Gibberfish (Gibberichthys latifrons).


Eclipse Eye follows a very simple pattern and is easy to defeat, given that he is the very first boss of the game. At first he will open his mouth and shoot many destructible missiles, after which he turns on the side and shoots a spread of blue bullets which can also be destroyed. After this he will face the player and shoot triple bullet spreads from his forehead. Once he is done Eclipse Eye will move to the background and spin his two blades/pods on the foreground while moving to the opposite side of the screen. Once he's on the left of the screen he will send a few drones which the player can capture and charge his Beta Beam, which the player can counter. Once he is done he will repeat his patterns. It is possible to destroy Eclipse Eye before he has the opportunity to fire his Beta Beam depending on the difficulty the game is set. His whole body is vulnerable, with some parts like his eyes giving extra points when destroyed.


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