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WARNING! A huge battleship -Dual Shears- is approaching fast.
Darius announcer

Dual Shears (Japanese: デュアルシェアーズ, Hepburn: De~yuarusheāzu?) [Japanese name: paired iron] is a boss from the original Darius. It is shaped after a crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Dual Shears
  • Motif: American Crayfish
  • Type: General Purpose Battleship
  • Size: 108.17 m / 354.9 ft
  • Zone: E (Submarine Base), Other.
  • Weapon: Laser Cannon (arms), Etc.

Battleship with a huge pair of scissors. The jaw and scissors are equipped with diffusion cannons and laser cannons. However, since the scissors have a firearm built in, it is impossible to attack with the front foot.


Darius versions[]

Dual Shears moves up and down like the other bosses, shooting straight lasers from its pliers and angled bullets from the turrets around its body. It is possible to destroy the pliers, reducing its attack power considerably and making the fight easier. The main weak point of Dual Shears in all versions is on its mouth.

Super Darius II[]

Its fight pattern is very similar to its old versions. The only difference is that the player must destroy the pliers in order to continue with the rest of its body.

Name origin[]

The word "shears" is a synonym for "scissor". Lobster's pliers act like scissors.



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