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WARNING! A huge battleship "Driosawm" is approaching fast.
Darius II announcer

Driosawm (Japanese: ドリオサーム, Hepburn: Doriosāmu?) [Japanese name: Entangling Chapter] is a boss from Darius II. It is shaped after a moray eel (Muraenidae).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Driosaum
  • Motif: Moray Eel
  • Type: High mobility extermination-type battleship
  • Size: 158.92 m / 521.4 ft
  • Zone: D (Outer Space), Others.
  • Weapon: Tail rail gun (Tail), Etc.

Has a long hull made up of multiple battle units and has an unique method of attack that specializes in melee combat, such as colliding by winding around an hazardous object by deploying an energy field.


Darius II[]

Driosawm will constantly move around the screen and coil itself while firing homing missiles and bullets from its back. After moving in and out of the screen two times it will coil its body in an "S" shape, then stop to attempt a ram attack, darting in the player's direction. Its entire body is vulnerable.

Super Darius & Super Darius II[]

In Super Darius Drio Sawm spins all over the screen and fires bullets from every segment of its body. Only its head is vulnerable in this game.

Sagaia (Mega Drive)[]

Drio Sawm in Sagaia is just like its Darius II counterpart, however if it is encountered in Zone D, its coloration will be dark purple and will have a small electric field which greatly slows down the player's ship when flying very close to it.


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  • It is unknown what's behind Drio Sawm's name.
  • Despite being based of a moray eel, Drio Sawm closely resembles a sea snake.
  • In the Darius Odyssey book his name is misspelled to say Driosaum instead of Driosawm.