Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

Dimension Diver is the boss of zone Epsilon from G-Darius. It is shaped after a chimaera.


(Image by Tar-Palantir)


Dimension Diver isn't too different in either area (I or J), except for a few attacks. Area J's is a dirty cream instead of the metal finish Area I's Diver has. Anyhow...they both start the same way: doing a little victory roll and spraying you with diagonally-pointed short lasers from his pectoral fins. Occasionally Area I's Dimension Diver's tail will whip out at you and fire a twisty beam at you (like what the second sub-boss of zone a did to you). He then lets his tail point at you and its two outer points fire bullets, while the center of the tail does the twisty laser thing again. He then flies out of the plane and (only in Area I) fires mines at you which are apparently indestructible.

Both Dimension Diverthen do this fancy warp trick and split themselves in two, with the head facing your left. Here both spray you liberally with bullets before switching to arc-like shots interspersed with missiles from above and below. The missiles are either the long standard-issue affairs, or smaller ones. Both will fire little mines that explode into eight-bullet circles either when shot at or by themselves. Both cheerfully warp out and repeat the last attack on you, fire some Orange Sheild Thingies with anchor thingies and fire a dual Beta Beam from the head and mouth. But don't expect a kill; he moves off far too soon for you to counter the beams and nail him good.

Following this Dimension Diver comes in on the right again, and repeats the bullet mine attack, with missiles from above and below as well. Zone J's Diver has a special treat for you too-it fires spinning blades for you to dodge and get killed by! If J's lost his tail, the blades will be replaced by a fire attack and bullet arcs. In both cases, the loss of the tail will result in 90-degree lasers between the first Beta Beam and the second set of warp attacks. No pic yet, sorry. Then come more anchor thingies and Orange Shield Thingies. Grab one, and wait for him to warp out and come in from the left. Be careful, he can warp in on top of you if you're not far right enough! And so...Beta Beam time! This is the one where he goes down, even if the first dual beam wasn't countered.