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The Dark Modon is a black swallower. It only appears in Super Darius II game.


Dark Modon moves back and forth on the screen, his most favourite attack being missiles- either plain old ones or others that explode into three projectiles (see above). If you try and fly over him, he whips out the ol' dorsal cannon and will attempt two attacks. The first, and most common, is the pink beam, which will typically swoop out an area in front of or behind him. This attack needn't be worried about too much, as the beam is often too slow to cause you any grief. The second attack involves 90-degree shots at you, which is one of the attacks I hate the most. However, if you let Dark Modon crawl to the end of the screen, and then wedge yourself between his head and the left side, you're pretty much in a blind spot and he doesn't think of moving back

Battleship Information


Dark Modon's main weakpoint is his head. You can also shoot from behind and destroy his tail to make easier your way to destroy him.

Name's Origin

Black Swallower's scientific binomial name (Chiasmodon niger).