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WARNING! A huge battleship "Dark Modon" is approached fast.
Super Darius II announcer

Dark Modon is a boss from Super Darius II. It is shaped after a black swallower (Chiasmodon niger).


Dark Modon moves along the bottom of the screen, usually stopping to use one of its attacks. It fires homing missiles from its body and a grenade which detonates in three fireballs from its mouth, while from the cannon on the upper portion of its body it will either fire a series of fireballs which move upwards but change their direction 90 degrees when aligned horizontally with the player, or a continuous electric discharge either upwards or diagonally. The boss is only vulnerable on the front.


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  • Dark Modon's name is a pun on its genus name, Chiasmodon.
  • Dark Modon's container/processor on its belly is based of a Black Swallower's stomach, which can digest preys larger than its body.