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Dariusburst Remix Wonder World
Released Jun 30, 2010
Label Zuntata Records/Taito

Dariusburst Remix Wonder World is a 2 disc CD album by various artists, with remixes of ZUNTATA's music from Dariusburst. Some remixes are done by ZUNTATA. It appears that some instruments used in the original songs were given to said artists to compose these remixes.

Track listing[]

The songs on both discs are ordered by what they are a remix of. Both discs contain remixes of the same ten songs in the same order, with a bonus track. This order is:

# Original Song
1 Good-bye my earth
2 Hinder Two
3 Fast lane
4 Cylinder
5 Hello 31337
6 Iron Corridor
7 Calm down
8 Baptize Silver Hawk
9 Shady
10 The world of spirit
11† Good-bye my earth/The world of spirit

†Track 11 is the only track that is not a remix of the same song on both discs. In disc one, it is a remix of Good-bye my earth. In disc two, it is a remix of The world of spirit. Both remixes are also the closest to the originals out of all of the songs in the entire album.

Disc 1: A Breath of a Living Thing[]

# Title (Japanese/Original) Title (Translated) Time
1 背中に未来 The Future is on My Shoulders 4:21
2 現在戦闘進行中 The Battle is Now in Progress 6:15
3 故郷 Hometown 4:48
4 激化 Intensification 4:43
5 残骸の中静かに眠る A Peaceful Sleep in the Wreckage 6:18
6 無我 Selflessness 6:10
7 Bonds 4:33
8 覚悟と決意 Resolution and Determination 3:03
9 Heart 5:49
10 安らぎの到来 The Arrival of Peace 4:22
11 Good-bye my earth (Long Arranged ver.) Good-bye my earth (Long Arranged ver.) 3:12

Disc 2: A Breath of a Machine[]

# Title (Japanese/Original) Title (Translated) Time
1 出発 Departure‡ 5:39
2 淡々ト敵ヲ撃破 Crushing the Enemy Lightly 6:11
3 ファクトリー Factory 5:49
4 粛々ト敵ヲ撃破 Crushing the Enemy Somberly 6:02
5 残骸ノ中 静カニ思イヲ巡ラセル A Serence and Peaceful Moment Amidst the Wreckage 6:34
6 無心 Innocence 6:06
7 リカイフノウ Unable to Comprehend 5:01
8 同志 信頼 Comrades - Reliance 5:29
9 ココロ Mind 5:19
10 オチツイタキモチ A Soothing Sensation 5:53
11 The world of spirit Type Zero (for A ZONE) The world of spirit Type Zero (for A ZONE) 4:12

‡There is also a song called Departure on the Dariusburst Another Chronicle Mini-Album. These two are different songs.



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