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Dariusburst Original Soundtrack
Released 20/1/2010
Length 62:07 min
Label Zuntata Records/Taito

Dariusburst Original Soundtrack is a CD album by ZUNTATA featuring music from Dariusburst.

Track listing[]

The words in parenthesis is when the songs play in the PSP version of Dariusburst. When they are used in other versions of Dariusburst tends to vary somewhat.

# Title Time
1 Open the Zone 1:20
2 Start (Title Screen) 0:09
3 Go (Press Start) 0:06
4 Good-bye my earth(Zone A) 1:47
5 Hinder One(Iron Fossil) 2:05
6 Cylinder(Zone B) 1:57
7 Hinder Two(Mud Wheel) 3:44
8 Bless you(Zone Clear) 2:53
9 Iron Corridor(Zone C, Zone D) 3:35
10 Hinder Three(Lightning Flamberge) 2:51
11 All in good time (Continue?) 0:06
12 Abyssal Holic(Zone E, Zone F, Zone G) 2:56
13 Hinder Four(Mirage Castle) 3:35
14 Calm Down(Ship Select) 2:47
15 Syvalion arrange ONE(Zone J) 1:44
16 Syvalion arrange MMIX(Dark Helios) 3:49
17 Makes Sense(Name Entry) 1:52
18 Baptize Silver Hawk (Mission Mode Only) 1:19
19 Fast lane(Mission Mode Only) 1:33
20 You'll be in my thoughts (Mission Mode Only) 2:09
21 Dograce(Mission Mode Only) 2:28
22 Shady(Zone K) 2:48
23 Stop (Game Over) 0:06
24 I LED NU-RED-GAS (Mission Mode Only) 3:13
25 Warning! (WARNING!!) 0:11
26 Hello 31337(Great Thing) 3:54
27 The world of spirit (Zone H, Zone I) 4:33
28 Pay blue's respects (Ending/Credits) 2:38


  • Track 24, "I LED NU-RED-GAS," is a remix of several songs from previous Darius games.
    • Coin ~ Chaos (From Darius)
    • Self (From Darius Gaiden)
    • Say PaPa (From Darius II)
    • Visionnerz (From Darius Gaiden)
    • Adam (From G-Darius)
    • Boss7 (From Darius)
  • By rearranging the letters in "I LED NU-RED-GAS", you can spell "Darius Legend"
  • Track 21, "Dograce," plays during the fight with Hungry Gluttons in Mission Mode only. A faster version plays during the fight with Thousand Knives, also Mission Mode only.
  • "I LED NU-RED-GAS" plays during Zone H and I, Mission Mode only.
  • Some of the songs in the album are altered from the originals in the PSP version. These altered version are the ones that will appear in all Dariusburst games after the release of this album.
  • "Baptize Silver Hawk," "Fast Lane," and "You'll be in my thoughts" only appear in the Final Mission of the Mission Mode during a stage that already had its song played.
  • "Good-bye my earth" is the unofficial theme song of Dariusburst. Some songs in the OST feature references to it or portions of it like "Pay Blue's Respects".
  • "Open the Zone" does not appear anywhere in any version of the game, and is only used in trailers.
  • Hisayoshi Ogura, who composed all of the music for all of the previous Darius games, only composed one song in this entire OST: "Hello 31337."



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