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Dariusburst: Another Chronicle, or Darius Burst: Another Chronicle, is a shoot em up video game released in 2010 for Arcades, and a remix of Dariusburst. The game was largely expanded upon and rereleased in 2011 as Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX. It was later included as a extra mode in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours.


1904 D.C. (Darius Calendar)— When a Belser virus rent the hyperspace network to tatters, every craft in the human space fleet with a network link was stripped of all communications capabilities. The ensuing chaos saw the entire fleet devastated in the blink of an eye. The Silver Hawk fighters were the only craft from Planet Darius to escape the massacre. Equipped with Burst technology, these two cutting-edge craft were entrusted to humanoid AI terminal Ti2 and test pilot Riga Pratica. Flying the Silver Hawk Burst fighters alone into enemy territory without network support, the two heroes braved overwhelming odds to secure victory and liberation for Darius.

It is now 1910 D.C., and repairs on the hyperspace network have begun to reconnect the pockets of humanity scattered across the vast reaches of space. Combat data transmitted from Darius soon sees Burst-equipped Silver Hawk fighters constructed in every inhabited galaxy. The stage is set for mankind’s grand counteroffensive. A team of heroes takes wing, flying into battle and the pages of history.


The game allows from 1 and up to 4 players to play at a time; the largest amount of players possible in any Darius game. The players may choose between playing Default Entry, with 3 ships per coin, or Infinite Ships Entry, with infinite ships at the cost of additional coins and forfeit of the players' highscore.

Another Chronicle has two game modes:

Original Mode

Standard gameplay through 3 zones from a selection of 12 (A-L). Here the players chooses one of 3 zones to start on and continues through two more zones in traditional fashion.

Chronicle Mode

Here the players choose individual missions, consisting of rearranged levels and bosses, with various possible set parameters.

In addition to this Another Chronicle EX has two more modes:

Original EX Mode

Similar to Orginal Mode, but with 12 new, and harder, zones (O-Z).

Event Mode

Online missions with varying selections of ships, lives, power-up configurations and bosses.

Pilots and Ships

This image is taken from plaque on Arcade Cab

In Another Chronicle there are 4 ships, of which three are returning from Dariusburst.

EX added four more ships:

Genesis, Gaiden and 2nd have the exact same appearance as Origin. Although Gaiden and 2nd are officially red, and Genesis and Origin are officially orange, this palette change does not make a visual difference as they change to the player's color. First player is red, second player is blue, third player is green and fourth player is orange.

Note: When playing as Legend, Next, Formula, Assault, Gaiden or Genesis, a Burst Meter is found under the ship. Watch that meter carefully as you play.

Levels and Bosses

Bosses Exclusive to Chronicle Mode

Boss Family Boss Name
Fossil King Fossil
Wheel Mud Wheel
Thorn Wheel
Jaw Disaster Jaw
Heavy Jaw
Assault Jaw
Lightning Lightning Prison
Castle Mirage Castle
Stare Insane Stare
Ruler Savage Ruler
Thousand Thousand Bullets
Gluttons Brute Gluttons
Dark Dark Flame
Great Thing G.T.B
Whip Massive Whip
Blazes Whip

New Enemies

  • Talker
  • Missau
  • Tomo
  • Wa Kashi
  • Shiirashi
  • Datsuma
  • Ya Ghariha
  • Daikei
  • Kizayami
  • Mayaoa
  • Mashicana
  • Wa Kabie
  • Sayana
  • Wa Kazif
  • Omi
  • Rammay
  • Milts
  • Kimasso
  • Id
  • Nogio
  • Shitohi
  • Regco


The game is currently available to play in Japanese arcades and United States Round 1 franchise locations. There is also a cabinet located at The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT USA. [1]

No European release-date have been announced as of yet. However, the game is currently being location tested in London, England (at the Leisure Casino Center arcade located next to Goodge Street Tube Station).


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