Dariusburst, or Darius Burst, is a game for PlayStation Portable. [2] [3] [4] [5] It is the first complete new entry in the Darius-series since G-Darius. A remixed version for the arcade called Dariusburst: Another Chronicle was released in 2010. An update for it also was released in 2011, called Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX. Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is a home version of Dariusburst ACEX and was released on December 4, 2015 for US and European territories, and on January 14, 2016 in Japan. It was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows. [6] The game is also occasionally, retroactively referred to as Dariusburst: Prologue.[7]

The game was ported, with some modifications, to iOS and the Android as Dariusburst: Second Prologue in 2012. The Android version was released in the US by Degica on October 24th, 2015.


Darius year 1904: Belser attacked Darius, which had been revived by the people who immigrated from Vadis. The oppening approach that the Belser struck first with was a Virus that knocked out all inter-planetary communication systems. During this chaos, the Belser struck hard and delt a hefty blow to the Darian forces. Destroying the entire fleet in the blink of an eye. Out of the wreckage, two new cutting edge, new model Silver Hawks, equiped with the brand new Burst technology were entrusted to the humanoid AI Terminal Ti2, and test pilot Riga Practica. Together, with the Silver Hawk Burst fighters, the heroes face nigh-impossible odds as they fight alone against the Belser Fleet.


Dariusburst have 3 gameplay modes:

Arcade Mode

The game's standard mode. Here players can choose difficulty, number of lives and ship. There is also an unlimited amount of continues.

Mission Mode

Here players choose a specific mission from a selection of missions with only one life, no continues and a set number of power-ups. These missions puts the player against a boss, a level, both or multiple bosses and levels with a pre-chosen ship and thus functions as both the game's Boss and Level Select.

Mission Mode is unlocked by having complete Arcade mode with at least two different paths.

Burst Mode

Similar to the Arcade Mode, but with only one life and no continues. On the other hand the ships entire arsenal is fully upgraded from the get-go and the player can at any time switch between using missile, laser or wave beam.

Burst Mode is unlocked by having completed Arcade mode with at least three different paths.

Pilots and Ships

There are three pilots and three Silver Hawks in Dariusburst. The first ship, the Legend, is piloted by two terminals referred as TI2. The second ship, the Next, is piloted by Riga Pratica. A third ship, Origin, looks like the original Silver Hawk model from Darius. Its pilot is unknown.

Levels and Bosses

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage 1: The Mother Planet Darius Zone A Annoying Coronatus Iron Fossil
Stage 2: High in the skies of Darius Zone B Aquarium Fish Mud Wheel
Stage 3: The Belzer's Stationed Fleet Zone C Heavy Muffler Lightning Flameberge
Heavy Muffler Zone D Heavy Muffler Lightning Flameberge
Stage 4: Zone E Impailing Coronatus Mirage Castle
  Zone F Helmeted Coronatus Mirage Castle
  Zone G   Mirage Castle
Stage 5: Zone H Red Lantern Hungry Gluttons
  Zone I Red Lantern Thousand Knives
  Zone J Heavy Muffler
Red Lantern
Heavy Coronatus
Dark Helios
  Zone K Red Lantern Great Thing


The standard version of Dariusburst was released in Japan on Christmas Eve (24th December) 2009. A "DX" version was also available for pre-order.

In addition to the game the DX version also include: [8]

  • Darius Odyssey CD: A Collection of Darius-series soundtracks; 17 of these are from Darius Twin and have never been published on CD before.
  • Darius Odyssey Book: A 100-page book including machine design sketchs, boss-info, stage trees, endings, a chronological table and an interview with ZUNTATA.
  • A towel with artwork of, and stats for, Iron Fossil.
  • A t-shirt with artwork of Legend, Next and Iron Fossil.

The game received no US nor European release, despite being rated at least for European territories in 2010.[9]

Dariusburst: Second Prologue

Second Prologue for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android features the following gameplay modes:

SP Mode

The original game's Arcade Mode with readjusted balance, rearranged music, some of Another Chronicle and Another Chronicle EX's new bosses and the Assault ship.

Levels and Bosses

Stages Zones Captains Bosses
Stage 1: The Mother Planet Darius Zone A   Iron Fossil
Stage 2: High in the skies of Darius Zone B   Mud Wheel
Stage 3: The Belzer's Stationed Fleet Zone C   Lightning Flameberge
  Zone D   Lightning Claw
Stage 4: Zone E   Mirage Castle
  Zone F   Heavy Jaw
  Zone G   Mirage Castle
Stage 5: Zone H   Hungry Gluttons
  Zone I   Thousand Knives
  Zone J   Dark Helios
  Zone K   Great Thing

Original Mode

The original game's Arcade Mode.

Mission Mode

A mode similar to the original game's Mission Mode.

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Darius Burst trailer

Darius Burst trailer

Trailer for Dariusburst on PSP.