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Darius Ocean is a shooter game released in 2004 for NTT DoComo mobile phones in Japan only. The game was only available for purchase through the Taito G@me Park i-mode service.[1]


Note that this was translated from Japanese to English. This means some guess work went into it.

Just like Proco and Tiat left for the new world, a different crew of survivors also were trying to leave Darius before it turned into a death star. However, the survivors were pursued by enemies and their Silver Hawk was badly damaged. They ended up crashing the Silver Hawk in a marine near land on Darius. The rest of the crew of survivors ended up on the shore. Because of the attacking ships from below in the waters the Silver Hawk can not reunite with the rest of the survivors and leave. Can the Silver Hawk collect the survivors on land and escape Darius in time?


Darius Ocean plays similarly to the Arcade game Depthcharge/Sub Hunter. The player controls the Silver Hawk, which stays above the water and only moves left and right, while enemy waves move below it inside of the water. The Silver Hawk attacks by dropping missiles and depth charges, powered up by the red and green orbs respectively, and can also be equipped with the shield arm powered up by blue orbs.

The game features the same bosses and branching system from the original Darius, with stages being more or less based on those from that game.


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Note that this was translated from Japanese to English. This means some guess work went into it.

Destruction of huge battleship "Great Thing" has vanished within an instant the reaction of enemy fighter plane which suited innumerably on the radar until now. Somehow, seemingly, huge battleship "Great Thing" was the brains computer which controls all fighter planes and battleships. "Silver Hawk" joined the emigrant ship team which flew away and escaped from "DARIUS", and left for new worlds.




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