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Planet Darius as seen in Darius Gaiden (Technically Darius Gaiden's Intro)

Darius is a planet in Darius' Planetary System. It is an important plot element throughout the Darius-series, appearing in almost every of its installments. Darius is satellited by the moon Kazumn.


The planet Darius was discovered by Sameluck Raida and Lutia Feen, from Amnelia, when fighting the Kazumn-based Thiimas, in Amnelian year 626.

In year 2402 Darius declared it's independence from Amnelia. This year became year 1 of Darius' new calender. 201 years later Darius was attacked by Belsar, but Belsar's army was repelled thanks to pilot-duo Tiat and Proco. Sadly the planet became a "star of death" and had to be evacuated. Many of it's people traveled to the two planets Orga and Vadis. Some also traveled to the Solar System, but this may have happened years later.

In year 1642 of the Darius calender; some of the decedents of those that had immigrated to Vadis began the return to and revival of Darius. The people of Vadis had to once again face Belsar in their mission to do this. Though having been revived, Darius was once more attacked by Belsar in year 1904.

Darius Twin: Stage 7

Stage 7 of Darius Twin is set near Darius. Stage Seven only has one Zone: Zone L. It's the final stage of the game.

Darius Gaiden: Stage 6

Stage 6 of Darius Gaiden is set on Darius. Stage Six is divided into 6 zones: Zone P, Zone Q, Zone R, Zone S, Zone T and Zone U. The Silver Hawk(s) appears to reenter in the start of each of it's Zones. It only have 2 Boss Fight Enemies: Crusty Hammer and Deadly Crescent, the penultimate bosses of Darius Gaiden, which get harder as the zone you play is nearer to the Bottom.

Darius Gaiden: Stage 7 (Darius, Part 2)

Stage 7 of Darius Gaiden follows Stage 6 on the planet Darius. Stage Seven is divided into 7 zones: Zone Z', Zone V, Zone W, Zone X, Zone Y, Zone Z and Zone V'. It is the final stage of the game. Each level's music is "Self", which plays after about 1 minute from the start of the level, and is also the boss music of the levels.

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