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The first Darius game has been released in many Mobile cell phone markets over the years. Most versions are noted for basically being re-releases of Darius Plus. Due to the nature of the releases, and lack of information it is hard to find information on these releases.

List of Games[]

DariusGate (2002)[]

"Darius Gate" was a game for mobile phones (100K version [1]) developed by Bothtec for Taito.

DariusGate (2003)[]

"Darius Gate" was a game for mobile phones. It is unknown where it was released, but it has a screen of 128X128 and it has a copyright of 2003.

Darius Boss Rush[]

"Darius Boss Rush", which was developed by Bothtec for Taito. It had came out on October 27, 2004.[2]

Darius DX (2004)[]

"Darius DX" was the 256K version, which was also released in 2004.[3] It was a pay-as-you-go game, featuring a "Darius history" and "Difficulty setting" options.[4]

Darius Ocean (2004)[]

See Darius Ocean

Darius 完全版 (2005)[]

"Darius 完全版" (meaning "Darius full version") is the DoCoMo 900i and 901i mobile models. [5] Released on March 17 2005, it had a monthly fee of 315 yen a month.[6]

Darius (2007)[]

"Darius" was another port of Darius. It had a "Darius Complete Edition" and "Darius Complete Edition Wide" release, both with the same features other than the width.[7] It was released in 2007 by Taito.[8]

Darius Wide (2008)[]

"Darius Wide" sets up the game as played in the arcade using three standard screens wide display. Seen on Taito's website in 2008.[9]

Darius The Origin (2017)[]

"Darius The Origin" was a game offered through browsers for PC, smartphones, and tablets. The game was launched by Rakuten Games on August 4, 2017[10], and ended portal site service on July 22, 2019.[11]


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