Darius Wiki

Darius is a shoot em up game released in 2019 as a bonus title for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Mini. This version is based over a cancelled port of the original Darius, but is otherwise an original port.

This version is the most faithful to the original Arcade title, with the only difference besides the screen resolution being that the player respawns immediately upon dying instead of being kicked back to a checkpoint.


This version allows the player to select between enabling all 26 bosses from the PC Engine versions of the game or facing only the original bosses from the Arcade. Another option enables a Boss Rush mode, which works much like the similar mode from Super Darius.

While the game is single player only, the player can choose between Proco and Tiat. Selecting Tiat in the options activates an Easy Mode, where the player has double the firepower and also keeps its weapons upon dying instead of being reset, while registering high scores is disabled.


  • Reduced hitbox: Beating the game once enables a option to have a reduced hitbox for the player's ship when equipped with the Hyper Arm.

Stages and Bosses[]