Not to be confused with the port known as Darius Plus.

Darius+ is a ported version of Darius that was without a doubt different.


This game features a different weapons system than in the other Dariuses. There is a pellet shot which with a upgrade turns to a strong two shot, then next a spread three shot and the the large lazer.


Unlike the other ports this one has been completely redone and it looks a bit more like a R-Type game than anything else. The best way to describe the direction is underwater sub fights in outer space. Its not really much fishy about the game except the bosses, which are still classic aquatic lifeforms.

The Bosses

At first glance one would assume the bosses were decent ports from Darius. Well most of them play quite different from other games as there is a system of parts you have to blow off before defeating a given boss. Worse of all, you have to learn where they are and they can only be damaged when its they turn to be shot only.

The few Bosses

There is only 5 bosses, of which one is a odd smaller version of one of the bosses. Note its not a Captain.

Levels and Bosses

Darius map
Stages Zones Bosses
Stage 1 Zone A Fatty Glutton
Stage 2 Zone B Urchin
Zone C Octopus
Stage 3 Zone D Fatty Glutton (Small)
Zone E Fatty Glutton
Zone F Urchin
Stage 4 Zone G Octopus
Zone H Urchin
Zone I Octopus
Zone J Fatty Glutton (Small)
Fatty Glutton
Stage 5 Zone K Lobster
Zone L Lobster
Zone M Fatty Glutton (Small)
Zone N Urchin
Zone O Fatty Glutton (Small)
Stage 6 Zone P Lobster
Zone Q Fatty Glutton (Small)
Fatty Glutton
Zone R Urchin
Zone S Octopus
Zone T Lobster
Zone U Octopus
Stage 7 Zone V Fatty Glutton
Zone W Octopus
Zone X Fatty Glutton (Small)
Zone Y Urchin
Zone Z Lobster


This game was released on 3 system/computer types: ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, and Amiga. It was suppose to come out on the Commodore 64, but it was never finished as noted on GTW64. It is sometimes falsely thought it came out on the Sharp X68000, however that wasn't this game, and was a fan made game.

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