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The Daio is one of a two enemy bosses at the end of Level 3 of the game Metal Black. He works with Gishiin as a team, but is the only one of the two that needs to be defeated. It is shaped after an Dung Beetle (Scarabaeinae).


As noted Daio and Gishiin work together at the end of level 3. Daio is first seen as the player comes up on what appears to be a dump or building Debris. He starts going uphill, rolling up a Debris Ball which it will let go and it bounces downhill. Those balls are destructible, however its best to destroy them before he's done making them. Daio will then come down the hill. Gishiin will then rise up and then some newalones will come in from the top of the screen. Gishiin will try to take them so the player needs to get them first. Meanwhile Daio is making another Debris Ball.


  • It's the most difficult boss in Metal Black, next to Omega Zone.
  • This boss resembles a mixture of Dung Beetle and Ladybug.


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