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WARNING! A huge battleship -Cuttle Fish- is approaching fast.
Darius announcer

Cuttle Fish (Japanese: カトルフィッシュ, Hepburn: Katorufisshu?) [Japanese name: Ten-legged fish] is one of the final bosses in the original Darius game. It is shaped after a giant squid (Architeuthis dux).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Cuttle Fish
  • Motif: Squid
  • Type: Multi-legged attack ship
  • Size: 97.5 m / 319.9 ft
  • Zone: Y (City Zone)
  • Weapon: All-range laser cannon (leg), Etc.

An attack ship with 10 all-range laser guns exceeding Octopus. From the main body, the diffusion particle gun on the leg units which can simultaneously attack in a wide range performing rapid bursts of the laser cannon.


Darius & Super Darius[]

Cuttle Fish's pattern is simple but aggressive. From it's two tentacles it will shoot homing fireballs, while shooting lasers from it's mouth. The mouth is the boss's weak point, but the tentacles can be destroyed.

Darius II & Super Darius II[]

Cuttle Fish appears as a captain in the Moon areas. It behaves much like in the original game, but can only be destroyed after the player get rid of it's tentacles. It is possible to use the smart bomb on it, but the player needs to be patient.

Sagaia (Game boy)[]

Cuttle Fish fights in the same way as the original and, in the first match, its energy balls can be destroyed. In the second match it will use waveshots instead of energy balls.


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  • Despite its name, Cuttle Fish is based on a squid instead of a cuttlefish.