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I am... man-made intelligence...

I exist... between humans and them... They wish to... make contact again... ...but that will lead to your... destruction... Free my body... and tell the humans...

...to fight them... and free me!
— Crimson Nightmare communicating with the pilots
That wasn't a Belsar. It's something else entirely. Its ominous aura is still resonating now, even after it vanished.
— Dariusburst narrator

Crimson Nightmare (Japanese: クリムゾンナイトメア, Hepburn: Kurimuzon'naitomea?) [Japanese name: Crimson Nightmare] is a boss from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours, appearing exclusively on the CS Mode. It is based on the Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Crimson Nightmare
  • Motif: Blue Sea Slug
  • Type: Assault-type Attack Ship
  • Size: No Data
  • Zone: Subspace, Other.
  • Weapon: Quadruple Compression Gun, Burst Eater, Twin Burst, Etc.

A type of battleship with a shape resembling a Blue Sea Slug. It is a derivative of the Nightmare series. The onboard firearm is basically similar to the AZURE type, but the fired ammunition has been changed. Similar to the AZURE type, it deploys a defense field that absorbs and reflects burst weapons and overwhelms enemies with guided lasers.



  • Crimson Nightmare's torso it has a Silver-Hawk Legend that is first almost visible when it appears and then invisible, but can almost be seen when the player shoots at it and it begins to flash white.
  • The word "Crimson" means: red.


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