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It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 7 zones.

The invaded version has a total of 7 zones.

Darius Year 1910 - Decmeber:[]

This is a joint operation to take out the enemy's main fleet with 5 other squads. They're all top guns. Try to keep out!

Normal version[]

Zone BGM Capitain Boss
α Hinder One None King Fossil
β Hinder Two None Hard Wheel
γ I LED NU-RED-GAS Aquarium Fish Disaster Jaw
δ Departure Hermit Purple Glassy Stare
ε Abyssal Dependence None Violent Ruler

Darius Year 1912 - February:[]

We located the Belsar bases in the territory we lost. Your mission is to hit a base on the front line and eradicate it.

Invaded version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α AXON (Darius Gaiden) None Force Claw
β Tranquilizers (Darius Gaiden) None Dark Flare
γ FAKE (Darius Gaiden) Heavy Coronatus Assault Jaw
δ Self (Darius Gaiden) Hermit Green

Red Lantern

Helmeted Coronatus

Golden Ruler

Quotes (normal version)[]

"Damn! How did they know our plan?" (Female radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Multiple airborne enemies above the tunnel exit!" (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"We will update to protocol Unlock A following this mission. This will see coverage back to 60% of its previous renge." (After defeating Disaster Jaw)

"This is Delta Squad! Roger that!" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Pick up enemy fleet deploying in that debris field." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Roger that! Maybe it's a trap?" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Visual confirmation on battleship's destruction. Return to base at once. Any ships with repeated BBF exposure, report for full C check." (After defeating Violent Ruler)

Quotes (invaded version)[]

"Another battleship speeding toward you!" (Radio chatter in the zone β)

"60 seconds until contact." (Female radio chatter in the zone β)

"Saviour One, roger that. Bring it on." (Radio chatter in the zone β)

"Thousand of small enemy attack ships sighted over the sea! Work together to surprise the enemy by coming in at low altitude." (After defeating Dark Flare)

"Signalling all ships. Commence attack on enemy front-line base now. Follow the plan and approach through Shaft A, then escape immediately after detonation." (After defeating Assault Jaw)

"Enemy battleships detected inside!" (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Roger that. Heading onto the fortress!" (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Enemy battleship destroyed. They can't invade again if they have no bases. You all did great work out there. I'm proud of you." (After defeating Golden Ruler)