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WARNING! A huge battleship -Burst Out- is approaching fast.
Super Darius announcer

Burst Out (Japanese: バーストアウト, Hepburn: Bāsutoauto?) [Japanese name: Bursting thing] is a a boss from Super Darius, but it also appears as a captain in Darius Twin and Super Darius II. It is shaped after a Japanese puffer (Takifugu rubripes).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Burst Out
  • Motif: Pufferfish
  • Type: General-purpose attack ship
  • Size: 96.25 m / 315.8 ft
  • Zone: C (Mountain Area)
  • Weapon: Electromagnetic acceleration gun (abdomen), etc.

It invaded planet Darius in a different direction from the main troops. An attack ship belonging to another batallion of Belsar. A powerful electromagnetic acceleration cannon is built in the abdomen, and its thermal power comes from the folding sections.


Burst Out has a very simple attacking pattern. Its only weak spot is on its forehead, though the player must blow up the outer skin and get at its innards. It has two attacks: a laser beam from the mouth, which it fires a few times before using its seven-bullet arc which can hit quite fast if the player is hovering too close to its forehead. After enough damage the protection of its forehead is broken apart, allowing the player to damage it directly.

It uses the same tactics in Super Darius II, though it will also do a kamikaze attack upon being defeated, with it's eye remaining after its explosion and hovering in place before detonating into a large bullet spread.


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