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The bomb is another armament for the Silver Hawk. Bombs are the secondary armament of the Silver Hawks which allows them to bomb certain Ground targets or Aerial ones. Some Bombs turns into missiles when powered up, and only the Silver Hawk Gaiden can have this type of upgrade which can tear enemies into pieces and damage bosses from its firepower. Bomb power ups can be obtained by acquiring Green Orbs to power up Bomb counts and increase in damage overall; the bombs can evolve into Twin and Multi if powered enough by getting 7 Green Orbs.

Bomb Types[]

In each Darius Series, there are different types of bombs, this mostly depends on which Silver Hawks do and does with their bomb weaponry. each bomb is unguided and must maneuver by your ships control, the bomb will align itself and destroy any enemy in contact with it, however there are few exceptions.

The Following Bomb types are:

  • Regular Bombs - Equipped by Origin, Genesis and Legend. these are your regular bombs that fires air and ground and vice versa, upgrading them to Twin and Multi gives them Heavy Damage.
  • Plasma Bombs - Exclusive to Silver-Hawk Twin, these bombs are not the ones you see in Darius II, in Darius Twin, once you maxed out with the bomb upgrades, they deal tremendous damage to enemies and bosses whoever gets contact with it, also pierces in terrain.
  • Guided Multi Bomb - Equipped By 229X-0001 Silver Hawk in Darius Force, the Front bombs deal HEAVY Damage to Enemies and Bosses alike.
  • Ground Bomb - Equipped By FFSA-0019 Silver Hawk in Darius Force, behaves similar to Second but it cannot launch bombs from above the ship.
  • Break Bomb - Equipped By FRSA-6351 Silver Hawk in Darius Force, just like the 229X-0001, both the front and back now explodes and deals HEAVY Damage to Enemies and Bosses alike.
  • Napalm/Multi Napalm Homing Bombs - Exclusively Equipped by Silver Hawk Gaiden. These bombs not only expand explosive range and Lethal damage but also it becomes Twin and Multi and becomes a literal homing missile that seek and home on nearby enemies, as with the Napalm weaponry, the Napalm can last long as it lingers and kills enemies in an instant as well as damaging bosses.
  • Multi Assault Bombs - Equipped by Second. These bombs can roll over terrain and seek any ground unit in contact killing them in an instant, also the missiles firing it from above, Maximizing the upgrade gives it Upper missiles that seek flat ground, killing enemies above as well as trail in the terrain.
  • Multi Homing Missile Bombs - Equipped by NEXT and its upgrade, Assault, Instead of the Air to grounds fashion, these are instead homing missiles that seek any enemy in contact and killing them, upgrading with several orbs gives it more damage and more missiles.