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The CF-345 Black Fly is the player's ship in Metal Black, and was developed by the human race on planet Earth. Created to use the same energy beam weapons as its enemy using Newalone particles, it is implied to be the nearest cousin of Silver-Hawk model ARCF-ROTA PLUS .

Additional Data[]

The Black Fly was created as the Earth's National Security order #033944 codenamed "Project Metal Black". As per this order, 20,000 of this unit had been built to fight back against the aliens which invaded the Earth in 2042. Ten years later, however, the world's remaining diplomats passed on to the aliens a treaty under a peaceful surrender which promised to keep all of the Earth's forces from attacking and this meant there would be a permanent freeze on Project Metal Black. Years later, as the resources on Earth were dying and the human population was decreasing, someone discovered Project Metal Black along with the Black Fly and launched a counter attack.


  • Newalone-Powered Energy Beam
  • LCOS (Lead Computer Optical Sight) Mode SAAM90E Missile (used on the Bonus Stages)

Extra Equipment[]

  • Rocket Booster (used to leave the Earth's atmosphere)

Ship's Appearance in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours[]


Black Fly vs King Fossil, as seen in Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours in ROUND 2 Zone Alpha

The Black Fly is included by Taito alongside two other ships in their Taito Pack DLC for Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours. The gameplay video shown on the Japanese website for the game under the special section shows how the ship handles as adapted. To explain, both red and green power-ups will be turned into silver ones for points while blue ones will remain as they are to give you shielding. Without bombs or missiles, you will make use of the ship's two special attacks that both drain the Burst Meter alongside the double-barrel shot weapon, which changes size and power depending on the level of the Burst Meter (more in the meter equals larger, more damaging shots and vice-versa). Newalone molecules will emerge from enemies at random and can also just enter the screen at a slow rate at times, particularly in boss fights; these molecules will not leave the screen as they are used to refill the Burst Meter manually. Tapping the burst button uses the "Release Beam" which is an electricity-discharging attack boasting a large area of effect to destroy enemies above and below the ship. Pressing and holding the button uses the iconic "Focused Beam" which will counter enemy Burst Beams, refill the meter and turn yellow in another example of easy beam countering like with the Genesis Silver Hawk and the Murakumo.


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