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WARNING! A huge battleship "Bio Strong" is approaching fast.
Darius II announcer

Bio Strong (Japansese: バイオストロング, Hepburn: Baiosutorongu?) [Japanese name: Primordial thing] is one of the final bosses from Darius II. Unlike other bosses in the series, Bio Strong takes on the form of a fetus (more specifically a fish egg/embryo).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Bio Strong
  • Motif: Fetus
  • Type: Prototype Biological weapon
  • Size: 80.34 m / 263.6 feet
  • Zone: V (Jupiter Gas Cloud)
  • Weapon: Released cell bullets. Etc.

A biological weapon that the allied forces were developing. Altough it is taking the shape of a fetus, it is not known what form it will take when it matures. It has the ability to freely stretch its body length.


When the battle begins, various blue cells will materialize and float around the screen, moving after the player after a while. These cells can be destroyed, but one of those will instead just flash orange and let out a baby-like scream when attacked, meaning this is the real Bio Strong. He will also move after the player, growing into his true size when next to the player and shrinking back after a while. His only other attack is to create five cell spreads, with those cells being indestructible.


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