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WARNING! A huge battleship -Big Rajarnn- is approaching fast.
Super Darius announcer

Big Rajarnn (Japanese: ビッグラジャーンヌ, Hepburn: Biggurajān'nu?) [Japanese name: Flying Giant Shadow] is a scrapped boss from the first Darius, later making an appearance in Super Darius. It is shaped after an Eagle Ray (Myliobatidae).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Big Rajarnn
  • Motif: Eagle Ray
  • Type: Large Bombardier ship
  • Size: 112.13 m / 367.9 ft
  • Zone: D (Mountain Area)
  • Weapon: Cutter laser (jaw), Etc.

Large bomber boasted by Belsar. Besides ground capacity, it also excels in air-to-air combat, equipped with powerful weapons such as cutter lasers and homing missile bullets.


Big Rajarnn has two attacks at its disposal. Its main attack is to shoot energy waves from its wings, which are also its weak spots. It will also send anchor drones from the tail, which can be destroyed. Despite the simple pattern, this boss can be tough due to the small space to maneuver.


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  • Big Rajarnn's name comes from the Latin word for stingrays, raja.