Much of the text and research for this article was provided by User:Tar-Palantir, original on HUGE DARIUS BATTLESHIPS the website

The Bald Crab is a Bald Crab. It only appears in Super Darius II game.


Things start off mystifyingly with Bald Crab. A diverging arc of missiles, appear from nowhere, and these lobster-red spidery legs march in. Eventually, one sees that the missiles, are, literally, from (or are they?) a botte secrete. Eventually, he lobs a little spiked mine which erupts by itself or by you into more (destructible) projectiles. He still marches on resolutely, though, and will badly cramp you for space. When this does happen, of if in you're in line too long with his head (his weak spot), out come a nasty pair of machine guns aimed in your direction- not in a straight line, be warned.