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B-System is a freeware shooter game created by Chinchilla Softhouse. This game is basically a boss rush, which features bosses that look like many of the bosses in the Darius series, if not a more realistic take on them. Oddly while Coelacanth isn't a enemy to fight in the game, he does appear on the title screen.


There isn't too much information about the story. It only involves a single ace pilot engaging a fleet of Belser/Thiima inspired mechancial sea creatures.


While the enemy designs are inspired by Darius, the gameplay and power-up system is mostly inspired by the Gradius series.


List of Bosses[]

All boss names are named based on the fish they are based on. There are no official names to the characters.

The Order it appears in Bosses
Intro Coelacanth (like King Fossil)
01. Arowana
02. Shrimp (like Tough Spring)
03. Shark (like Guard Savage)
04. Pinecone Fish (like Absolute Defender)
05. Octopus (like Octopus)
06. Angler (like Alloy Lantern)
07. Centriscidae
08. Starfish (like Fire Star)
09. Turtle (like Strong Shell)
10. Moray Eel (like Driosawm)
11. Seahorse (like Green Coronatus)
12Ammonite (like Mystic Power)