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WARNING!! A huge battleship -Azure Nightmare- is approaching fast.
Destruction of unidentified ship confirmed. It didn't seem like a Belsar. Could it belong to a different, as yet unknown enemy?

Azure Nightmare (Japanese: アジュールナイトメア, Hepburn: Ajūrunaitomea?) [Japanese name: Azure nightmare] is a boss from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours, appearing exclusively on the CS Mode. It is based on the Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Azure Nightmare
  • Motif: Blue Sea Slug
  • Type: Assault-type Attack Ship
  • Size: No Data
  • Zone: Subspace, Other.
  • Weapon: Quadruple Compression Gun, Burst Eater, Twin Burst, Etc.

A type of battleship with a shape resembling a Blue Sea Slug. With its distinctive shape and movement reminiscent of a mollusc, its an overwhelming sight. Besides a volley of several compressed particle guns, it has also been confirmed that it developed a defensive field called "Burst Eater" which absorbs and reflects burst weapons that hit the area which it sorrounds.


Unlike all other bosses in the game, Azure Nightmare is not a Belsar battleship. It is a Thiima artificial intelligence who exists within the Hyperspace Communications Network. It appears at later missions in CS mode, attacking the Belsar forces and eventually communicating with the heroes through radio. During the final mission, it warps the Silver-Hawk Legend straight after Gigantic Bite.

Azure Nightmare also has a second form called Crimson Nightmare, which uses similar patterns but made harder. Crimson Nightmare is also the only boss in the game to have a unique background during it's fight.



  • Despite on Azure Nightmare's torso it seems that there is nothing, but there is something inside when the player shoots at him and begins to blink white, apparently it is his core in the form of a sphere.
  • The word "Azure" means: blue.


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