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Amnelia (アムネリア), also called the Green Mother Planet, is a planet from which the humans that later populated Darius, Olga, the Solar System and Vadis originated. It is only featured in G-Darius. Amnelia has two moons; Blazar and Martha.


The early history of Amnelia (which was originally unnamed) was chaotic, and its people were often at war and at the brink of extinction. Guided by the legendary Silver Hawk bird, a boy named Amnelia put an end to the chaos, and became the first king of the entire planet. The planet was named after the boy and the year in which he was crowned was named the first year of Amnelia.

As time passed, Amnelia's moon Blazar was also populated, and developed its own separate kingdom. Amnelia had all of its energy created in the land known as Kaju. While this was enough to support life on Amnelia, Blazar suffered from energy shortages. Because of this, the kings of Blazar were always searching for new energy sources and, in the year 547, one of them succeeded. The king had found a way to produce endless energy, and announced that he would develop the energy for everyone in the universe.

When Blazar claimed ownership of Amnelia's other moon, Martha, a new war between the Bazar immigrants and Amnelian natives broke out. In the year 548, a Amnelian scientist created the A.N. (ALL NOTHING) weapon, whose use culminated in the complete obliteration of Blazar. The threat from the power of this new weapon caused both sides to agree to a ceasefire.

In the year 609, a child that carried the royal blood of Amnelia was born, and crowned King Amnelia the 25th. The child-king possessed the ability to see into the future, and predicted at the age of 14 that an enemy would attack Amnelia. Thus, the Universal Royal Army was established.

Amnelian Ship

Amnelian spacecraft

Three years later, in the year 626, the king's prediction was proven true when the Thiima attacked Masa. Even though the Universal Royal Army had set up an ambush for this unknown enemy, two thirds of the Masa population perished. The king ordered that enemy technology captured at the battle at Masa should be used, together with the A.N., to create a new space-craft: The Silver Hawks. Pilots Sameluck Raida and Lutia Feen, both of the Universal Royal Army, boarded two of these fighters and defeated the Thiima at their base on the moon Kazumn that orbited the planet Darius.

In the years that followed its discovery, many people immigrated to the planet Darius, and by 2402, Darius declared its independence from the kingdom of Amnelia. What became of the Amnelian civilization after this is unknown.

Thousands year after G-Darius, the now uninhabited Amnelia was captured and became Belsar's home planet in Darius Burst.

G-Darius: Stage 1[]

Zone Alpha of G-Darius is set on Amnelia.