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It is a Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours mission with a total of 6 zones.

The invaded version has a total of 8 zones.

Darius Year 1907 - January:[]

Using the hyperspace gate, we will take part in the attack on the occupied worlds.

Normal version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α VISIONNERZ (Darius Gaiden) Heavy Coronatus Mud Wheel
β FAKE (Darius Gaiden) None Brightly Stare
γ Tranquilizers (Darius Gaiden) Annoying Coronatus Mirage Castle

Darius Year 1907 - October:[]

This area has fallen to a surprise Belsar strike. The army has requested we participate in its liberation.

Invaded version[]

Zone BGM Captain Boss
α Opposition Heavy Coronatus Lightning Prison
β Peaceful Sleep in the Wreckage None Insane Stare
γ You'll Be in My Thoughts None Hyper Jaw
δ The World of Spirit Red Lantern

Helmeted Coronatus

Hungry Gluttons

Quotes (normal version)[]

"The GAIDEN has a high-efficiency collapsar reactor and is the only ship capable of using it offensively." (After defeating Mud Wheel)

"The Burst Engine's armaments control is efficient but unsuided for production. An improved design is already in development for mass-roliout." (After defeating Brightly Stare)

"This is where the city was?" (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"That's what the rubble in the distance is, yes." (Female radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Enemy ships closing in." (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"Roger that! I'll take them down!" (Radio chatter in the zone γ)

"We succeded in clearing the Belsar out of this sector, but as a key strategic route, it's still a major target." (After defeating Mirage Castle)

Quotes (invaded version)[]

"Bravo Squad, focus on enemy ships in the atmosphere. We'll hit the fortress in the depths of the Methane Sea." (After defeating Lightning Prison)

"3 squads are currently infiltrating the undersea fortress. Charlie Squad is being led by none other than Lt. Riga." (After defeating Insane Stare)

"Delta Squad will infiltrate the base with Charlie Squad. Use only EPR comms until we destroy the enemy flagship." (After defeating Hyper Jaw)

"This is Delta Squad, desceding into the shaft!" (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Gravity quakes detected inside the fortress." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Charlie Squad encountered an enemy battleship." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Lt. Riga, the war hero? I'll get there as fast as I can!" (Female radio chatter in the zone δ)

"Don't let your guard down." (Radio chatter in the zone δ)

"With the enemy flagship gone, the squads were freed from the BBF. We suffered major casualties, but managed to win." (After defeating Hungry Gluttons)