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WARNING! A huge battle ship -Absolute Defender- is approaching fast.
G-Darius announcer

Absolute Defender (Japanese: アブソリュートディフェン, Hepburn: Abusoryūtodifen?) [Japanese name: Absolute Guardian] is the boss of zone Zeta from G-Darius. It is shaped after a Japanese pineapplefish (Monocentris japonica).

Darius Odyssey Guidebook Bio[]

  • Name: Absolute Defender
  • Motif: Pinecone Fish
  • Type: Special Optical Field Equipped Ship
  • Size: 57.05 m / 187.2 ft
  • Zone: ζ (Gravity Zero)
  • Weapon: Wide shotgun (jaw), etc.

It has a high-power engineering field, and has a defensive ability that can even withstand a large-diameter laser directly. If the lower jaw energy generator is destroyed, the field will disappear.


Absolute Defender's main gimmick is that he is protected by a force field which protects him from damage. In order to be able to damage him the player must first destroy the light bulb on the boss's chin, causing the force field to dissipate. The bulb regenerates after some time, turning the force field back on again.

In both zones, Absolute Defender uses the same pattern. He starts the fight by firing a few missiles which explode into circles of bullets. Following this, he fires seven to eight bullet arcs reasonably fast. Then come some straight-laser arcs. These attacks cycle a bit and then Absolute Defender disappears in a wireframe. When he resurfaces, he fires out a pattern of alternating blue and red droplet-shaped laser arcs. The previous attacks cycle a bit more, and eventually, when he turns tail, he fires aimed bullets. When his shield is knocked off and he turns to its tail tail, he faces the player at the other side of the screen and fires a dual laser beam, which then turns into a dual Beta Beam.


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