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Absolute Defender is the boss of zone Zeta from G-Darius. It is shaped after a pinecone fish.


In both levels, Absolute Defender has a shield. Its generator is a little blue bulb under his chin and needs to be taken out if you want to inflict any kind of damage on him. Mind. In-between, if you've blown off his shield and he's taken some damage, he beats it, swirls around (you can hit his tail if you feel like it) and returns to the fray. I will now describe his attacks as I met them. Absolute Defender warms up by firing a few biggie missiles which explode into circles of bullets. Following this, he fires some monstrous seven- or eight-bullet arcs reasonably fast. Then come some straight-laser arcs. If you've met Queen Fossil-E, you know what I mean, and you know how to dodge it too. In fact you should have had to survive it to reach this guy. These attacks cycle a bit and then Absolute Defender disappears in wireframe. When he resurfaces, Absolute Defender's tail is probably facing you, but it's shielded now, so forget it. When he turns to face you again, he fires out this fancy pattern of alternating blue and red droplet-shaped laser arcs, which is not nice. The previous attacks cycle a bit more, and eventually, when he turns tail, when he returns to face you, he fires bullets aimed at you. When you've knocked his shield off and he turns tail, he faces you at the other side of the screen. Here, he fires a nasty dual laser beam, which then turns into a dual Beta beam. Unfortunately for us, Absolute Defender doesn't have the good sense to send us something to capture and counter his beams with. You'll have to sit it out, preferably above him or under his chinny-chin-chin.

Weak Point(s)

Absolute Defender, like all G-Darius Battle Ships has it's entire body as the primary weak point. However, you must destroy the flashing jibber under his chin or else, you will never harm him EVEN WITH ALPHA BEAMS. Like Eclipse Eye, his secondary weak points are his eyes and destroying them only makes you gain points.

Name's Origin

This boss is called Absolute Defender due to the regeneratable force field generator (the jibber, characteristic part of the pinecone fish and the pineapple fish) under his chin, making this battleship absolutely invincible as long as the generator is still active.


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